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Nighthold - Spellblade Aluriel
Spellblade Aluriel

Single phase encounter where the boss will alternate between 3 elemental phases – Fire, Frost & Arcane

Tank the boss facing away from the raid – [Annihilate] has a 3 second cast time and should be shared by both tanks

Master of Frost
[Mark of Frost] will mark 2 players and will detonate if the marked players get close and transfer tio the next 2 nearest players. This will be cast a second time so a total of 4 players will have the Frost mark. These players should move out of the raid to designated marks. These marks cause [Frostbitten] which increases frost damage and stacks
[Detonate] will be cast roughly 30 seconds later and leave an Icy Enchantment which needs to be DPS’d quickly – [Frozen Tempest] is a channelled ability that will create a dome that if pushed out from will stun the player and encase them in ice which has to be broken
If the stacks of [Frostbitten] become to high (8-9 stacks) then players can move together to pass on the [Mark of Frost] – this should be handled in advance to minimise damage where possible

Master of Fire
Ranged need to spread in a line around the boss – ideally the melee should avoid being inline with ranged players
[Searing Brand] is applied to several players and will create a phantom line between the boss and the branded players which fiery phantoms will travel causing damage to anyone in the way of the line and the branded players
After 45 seconds [Detonate] leaving [Burning Ground] patches – the raid should be spread 8 yards apart
Fiery Enchantments spawn from the burning ground which need to be DPS’d quickly – if they are within 8 yards of each other they are buffed increasing the damage dealt by Pyroblast the cast

Master of the Arcane
The boss will cast [Arcane Orb] twice which sends out orbs of pulsing AoE damage which can easily be avoided
After 45 seconds [Detonate] pushing the orbs in the air – when they land they deal very high damage which players can simply move out of. Healing cooldowns should be used
Arcane Enchantments spawn from the zones and should be DPS’d quickly – they cast [Armageddon] which will wipe the raid

AA script
Tank facing away from the raid – both tanks share Annihilate

Move to raid markers with brand
Switch branded players at high stacks of Frostbitten
DPS Icy Enchantments quickly

Ranged spread 8yards
Don’t stand in phantom lines
DPS Fiery Enchantments quickly

Avoid Orbs
Move from Orb detonation zone
DPS Arcane Enchantments quickly

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