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Nighthold - Chronomatic Anomaly
The Chronomatic Anomaly

A single phase encounter which is affected by the boss’s ability to affect the flow of time effectively slowing and speeding up time which in turn will affect cast times, cooldowns and periodic effects. Adds spawn throughout which are also affected by the time distortion and most be killed minimise the effect of [Passage of Time]

[Passage of Time] will cycle trough 3 states – normal, slow & fast time

[Burst of Time] is cast by the boss which will sends arcane orbs which target players and deal damage when the hit the floor – 6 yards circle. Players need to move out from the circle

[Time Bomb] is placed on 2 random players – they deal heavy raid wide damage when they expire. Players need to move out of the raid with the debuff before it expires

[Chronomatic Particles] are applied to the active tank – tanks need to swap at 7-9 stacks. If the reach 10 stacks then the tank will instantly die and it will deal high raid damage due to [Chromatic Overload]

[Waning Time Particles] are adds that spawn and will constantly try and cast [Warp Nightwell] . This ability will cause arcane damage which will increase in damage by 5% every successful cast. This can be interrupted until the add reaches 30%HP. These adds need to be killed fast
When they die they will drop [Temporal Rift} which can be picked up by the tanks – this will give the tanks [Temporal Smash] which must be used to interrupt [Power Overwhelming]

[Time Release] is a healing debuff – it can be healed through to remove – when the timer expires it cause damage based on the amount of absorb remaining

[Temporal Orb] spawn from the Nightwells – avoid them to minimise damage

AA script
Tank swap at 7-9 stacks of Chronomatic Particles
Pick up Temporal Rifts and interrupt Power Overwhelming

Kill Waning Time Particles fast – interrupt their cast
Avoid Temporal Orbs and Burst of Time

Move out of the raid with Time Bomb

Heal players with Time Release

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