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Trial of Valor - Guarm
Second boss in the Trail of Valor – this is a single phase encounter that effectively is the DPS check for the raid – 4 minute enrage timer

Guarm's [Guardian's Breath] will cause each of his heads breathing one of 3 types of elemental breath – Fire, Nature and Shadow – this damage is split between all players standing in the breath
Guarm gains a stack of [Frothing Rage] which will give him a 5% increase in damage for every player not hit by one of his breath attacks
Each breath causes a different debuff and effectively means you can’t take any other breath attack the remainder of the encounter – [Fiery Phlegm] [Salty Spittle] [Dark Discharge]

Periodically Guarm use 2 other abilities which require the raid too either move or stack
[Roaring Leap] – this will knock back all players within 25 yards of Guarm. He will then leaps toward the largest group of stacked players dealing small physical damage and stunning them
[Headlong Charge] – Guarm leaps to the end of the area and then charge down one side then charge back up the other side. IF you get hit you’ll take moderate damage and knocks you back

Guardian's Licks
[Flame Lick] - Targets a random player and inflicts moderate fire damage + causes you to pulse fire damage hitting all players within 5 yards for 5 seconds
[Frost Lick] - Targets a random player and stuns all players within 5 yards of that player for 6 sec.
[Shadow Lick] - Targets a random player and all players within 5 yards with be debuffed with a heal absorption effect – this will disappear once they have taken 1000000 healing

The raid will be split into 3 groups for each of the breaths – never take a different breath mid fight
Ranged will stay more than 25 yards away from the boss
Raid stays greater than 5 yards from each other
Move from side to side when the boss uses [Headlong Charge]
Melee need to quickly stack up after [Roaring Leap] knock back so they get jumped on – this will minimise boss movement
[Frost Lick] can be dispelled – Mass Dispel will be useful if there a lot of people getting stunned all at once
[Shadow Lick] just needs to be healed through to clear

AA Script
Raid split into 3 teams for breath – never take a different breath
Stay 5 yards apart
Ranged stay 25yd away from boss
Move from Headlong Charge
Melee stack for Roaring Leap
Dispel stunned players from Frost Lick
Heal through Shadow Lick

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