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Raider Preparation Hints
As the raiding for this expansion kicks off, here are a few helpful hints of things to prepare if you are wanting to attend raids. This is not intended as a set of rules, I'll leave that to the raid leaders to post.

  1. Sign up on the calendar. Ideally as far in advance as you can. This allows the raid leaders to be able to plan what they can do and what boss fights/difficulties are possible.
  2. Prepare your gear:
    The base iLvl we are aiming for in normal Emerald Nightmare is 835.Enchant/Gem the appropriate gear slots. The rare gems and best enchants are expensive, but there are cheaper options that can be used for the first few raids until prices stabilize.
  3. Consumables: Come prepared with your own flasks, potions and food. Again, the best versions of these are expensive so there likely will be some leeway in what is accepted initially.
  4. Don't forget Bonus Roll Seals: These are available from the quest giver outside of Violet Hold in Dalaran for Gold or Order Resources. (Figure out which bosses you want to use these on for the best chance at upgrades).
  5. Read up on boss abilities. The raid leader will explain exactly what the tactics are before the fights, but it's always helpful to know what are the things to look out for in your specific role.
  6. Prepare for wipes! All new boss fights take some learning. Even ones that are outgeared still tend to have mechanics that need paying attention to and learning. The most important part is learning where you need to be and what you have to do in order to conquer the fight. DPS/HPS is secondary, which is one reason posting meters is not allowed. It doesn't matter if you are top of meters if you stood in fire the whole time and drained all the healers mana!
  7. Have fun! This is a game we are playing with friends to enjoy ourselves.
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