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Nighthold - High Botanist Tel'arn

The fight is essentially unchanged with one major exception – much greater care and focus has to be maintained to handle the [Parasitic Fetter] debuff and the Parasitic Lashers
Dispelling the debuff summons to Lashers will summon twice as mant Lashers and if fixated players are hit by these Lashers then this will cascade and effectively swamp the raid in an unmanageable number of adds that get fast and continue to summon more as they hit players
Healers need to take take not to dispesll to quickly so the adds can be controlled and the adds have to be the priority target – if you are fixated the move away quickly

AA script

Tank in the centre & swap on 7 stacks Recursive Strikes
Ranged stay spread – move from Controlled Chaos & Solar Collapse
Move from rooted players – kill Parasitic Lashers quickly
Healers co-ordinate dispelling to avoid add overload

Tank in the centre
Focus DPS Sphere 1 then kill Sphere 2 within 5 seconds
Ignore Sphere 3

Tank in the centre & swap on 7 stacks of Recursive Strikes
Stay calm
Kill Parasitic Lashers quickly
Handle Spheres the same as P2
Marked players stand within 5yrds off a non-marked player – communicate on TS
Avoid Toxic Spores

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