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Nighthold - Krosus

Essentially a single phase encounter – this is a DPS check to beat the enrage timers

The fight takes place on a narrow bridge and the raid will have to move from side to side to avoid one the main abilities [Fel Beam] which the boss will cast frequently up either side of the bridge – there is a cast timer and the boss animation will announce which side will be hit – just move to the opposite side as this is a wide beam of damage
[Orb of Destruction] will target a random player and they should move quickly to the back of the room to minimise damage dealt to the raid – 5 seconds after the cast the Orb will impact
[Burning Pitch] will coat the ground in small circles that spawn Burning Ember adds – these circle can be soaked and the raid should spread out for this ability. DPS these adds very quickly

Tanks need to swap after taking roughly 7-10 stacks of [Searing Brand]
Tanks should soak all the [Slam] attacks – its high physical damage so a personal may be required. Melee should avoid standing in these zones
Each slam will break part of the bridge – the raid should move behind the break line before the area falls away
As the bridge becomes increasing smaller the [Orb of Destruction] will become more damaging

The entire fight will end after 6 minutes as there is no more bridge to stand on

AA script

Tank swap after 7-10 stacks of Searing Brand
Tanks soak Slam – use a personal
Move behind the break line after slam

Move to the back with Orb of Destruction
Soak Burning Pitch and kill Burning Embers fast
Move from side to side to avoid Fel Beam

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