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Nighthold - Spellblade Aluriel

The adds gain new abilities

Icy Enchantments
[Frozen Tempest] causes the add to jump to a target and cast an icy circle around it. Players trapped in the circle will take damage and get slowly pushed back. IF they leave the circle they are entombed in ice which has to be DPS’d to break
They also continue to use [Burst of Ice] AoE
Stay spread to avoid multiple players getting hit

Fiery Enchantments
They will now get buffed if the flame patches overlap and if the adds are stacked up together – this will increase damage & cast speed
[Pyroblast] deals significant damage but can be interrupted – players should kite these adds around

Arcane Enchantments
They now gain [Armageddon] which is a channelled cast – the add must be killed before this ends or its a raid wipe if multiple casts are complete
Have the raid group up so the spawn point for these adds is close to aid AoE/Cleave damage

A script
Tank facing away from the raid – both tanks share Annihilate

Stay spread
Move to raid markers with brand - witch branded players at high stacks of Frostbitten
DPS Icy Enchantments quickly – free players who are Entombed

Ranged spread 8yards
Don’t stand in phantom lines
Kite adds and interrupt Pyroblast
DPS Fiery Enchantments quickly

Loosely group up - avoid Orbs
Move from Orb detonation zone
DPS Arcane Enchantments quickly before the finish Annihilation

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